About Us

Cyberbike, the eBike that Shreds!.

 At Cyberbike, we're not just another eBike company; we're a team of passionate bicycle and motorsports enthusiasts who share a common love for innovation, adventure, and the thrill of the ride. Our journey began in 2018 when our founder, Dan Fischer, decided to blend his extensive experience in the world of motorsports with his vision for the future of electric mountain biking.

Our Philosophy:

At Cyberbike, we build what we love and ride what we build. We are often asked, "What is Cyberbike?" The answer is simple: we create electric mountain bikes that deliver unmatched performance, fun, and quality, dollar for dollar. Our philosophy reflects our founder's roots in motorsports and downhill mountain biking. We are dedicated to producing high-quality, value-packed products with an unmistakable edge of extreme adventure.

The Cyberbike Team:

At Cyberbike, our team is comprised of dedicated individuals who bring a wealth of experience and passion to everything we do. From engineering to customer support, each member plays a crucial role in our mission to deliver top-quality electric mountain bikes and exceptional service to our customers. Get to know the faces behind Cyberbike:

Meet Dan Fischer: Founder and CEO

Dan Fischer is more than just a name; he's a trailblazer in the world of sport motorcycles. After a career in roadracing GP, Supersport, and Superbike motorcycles, Dan turned his engineering expertise and education to developing top-tier products, including the globally acclaimed Fischer MRX sport motorcycles. Designed and manufactured in the USA, the MRX debuted in 2005 with the world's first single-piece motorcycle chassis, a groundbreaking achievement.

Dan's unwavering commitment to value, performance, and customer service continues with Cyberbike Electric Mountain Bikes, where he channels his passion for innovation and quality. An avid downhill and electric mountain biker, high-performance aircraft pilot, and ice hockey player, Dan's diverse experiences shape the high-performance, value-driven ethos of Cyberbike, making it the leader in electric mountain bike performance.

 Khaled Mohamed - Vice President

Khaled is a graduate of the University of Maryland with experience in accounting and the structural steel industry, and is a recently converted mountain biker. Khaled passionately leads our daily operations and staff, ensuring that Cyberbike products are delivered and supported with positivity, pride and efficiency. He is always ready to jump in wherever is necessary. Khaled trains in MMA and loves to go to UFC events. With his strategic planning and attention to detail, Khaled helps keep the wheels turning at Cyberbike. 

Decklan Fischer - Business Development

Decklan is a Bioengineering graduate of the University of Maryland where he was a Division 1 and Big Ten Wrestler. With a background in both business development and cancer treatments, Decklan combines his expertise in strategic growth with a passion for the outdoors, including mountain biking, travelling, and golfing. Deck’s mission at Cyberbike is to drive growth, partnerships, and business planning with meticulous attention to detail.

 Javed Gulzar - IT and App Development

With a vast array and constantly expanding set of skills, and a bachelor's degree in Information Technology from Shah Abdul Latif University in Khairpur, Pakistan, Javed is a long-time and valued employee of Cyberbike. Now tasked with spearheading development of the Cyberbike Connect App, Javed is proving his talents and value again. 

Cindy Miller- Customer Support Team Lead



Cindy came to us from the Disney Corporation to lead the Customer Support Team at Cyberbike team. As a life-long and committed Cyclist, Cindy has had a significant impact on both Cyberbike's products and our commitment to customer service. Cindy is determined in providing you with the support and assistance you need to make the most of your eBiking experience.

With her friendly demeanor and extensive knowledge of both our products and the Biking industry, Cindy ensures that every rider receives the support they need from her team to fully enjoy their eBiking experience.

Whether you have questions about our products, need help with your order, or require technical support, we're here to help. Reach out to us during our operating hours, Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and we'll be happy to assist you.

 Contact Information:

Feel free to get in touch with us anytime—we're committed to ensuring your satisfaction and enjoyment with Cyberbike electric mountain bikes.


Keith McCauley - Senior Technician

As our Senior Technician and resident "Roadie" at Cyberbike, Keith McCauley brings a wealth of technical expertise and experience to our team. With a background in electrical engineering and a passion for many disciplines of Cycling, Keith is dedicated to ensuring that every Cyberbike product meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Keith advises our technical support operations. From diagnosing electrical systems to optimizing motor performance though software, Keith's knowledge and attention to detail ensure that our riders can enjoy a smooth and exhilarating ride every time. Keith is also a big of fan craft beers (for after the ride!)

Mia Tanaka - Marketing Coordinator
Mia is responsible for spreading the word about Cyberbike and connecting with riders around the world. With her creative approach and love for outdoor adventure, Mia helps inspire others to join the Cyberbike family and explore new horizons.

Kate Loughlin - Customer Support Team

Kate is in her third year at Cyberbike and loves hitting the trails! She knows a lot about actually riding the bikes and is a great source of helpful knowledge! 
Sheila Cruz - Customer Support Team

As our newest (and sunniest!) addition to the customer support team at Cyberbike, Sheila is super positive and committed to providing you with exceptional service and assistance. With her friendly demeanor and dedication to customer satisfaction, Sheila ensures that every interaction with Cyberbike exceeds your expectations. At home Sheila loves her cat, Sully.

Whether you have questions about our products, need help with your order, or require technical support, Sheila is here to help guide you through every step of your eBiking journey. With her expertise and passion for outdoor adventure, Sheila is ready to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience with Cyberbike electric mountain bikes.

Alex Sharp - Supply Chain Manager

Alex oversees our supply chain operations, ensuring that Cyberbike products are manufactured and delivered efficiently. With his attention to detail, Alex helps keep the wheels turning at Cyberbike. In the off-season, Alex loves to bowl with his father and grandfather.

Our team at Cyberbike is here to support you every step of the way, from selecting the perfect eBike to providing ongoing assistance and inspiration for your cycling adventures. Welcome to the Cyberbike family—let's ride!

Our Global Footprint

 Today, Cyberbike electric mountain bikes are manufactured in China, where our engineering and manufacturing management teams frequently visit. Our unwavering commitment to quality to ensures the highest standards. Cyberbikes  are shipped directly from our distribution centers in the bustling hubs of Los Angeles and the Washington, DC Metro Areas. From these strategic locations, we deliver the joy of eBiking to enthusiasts across the nation.

  Our Promise

 Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that every Cyberbike product embodies the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of excellence.

 Join us on this electrifying journey as we continue to push the boundaries of eBiking and empower riders to explore new horizons. Welcome to the Cyberbike family—where the ride is just the beginning.



Customer Support : 9:00 Am to 6:00 Pm ( Mon to Fri) 

Address : 12-E Meem Ave , Gaithersburg ,MD 20877 ,United States 

Email: support@cyberbike.com 

Phone: (855) 274-6564

Why Ride
An e-mountain bike


E-mountain bikes are similar to traditional mountain bikes, they're made to get out in nature, ride what you didn't think possible, cross creeks, take drops and shred through turns. Above all they are to help you ride further and faster. After a long day at work an e-mountain bike will let you hit the trails and get a solid ride in before the sun goes down.


E-mountain bikes are similar to traditional mountain bikes, they're made to get out in nature, ride what you didn't think possible, cross cheeks, take drops and shred through turns. Above all they are to help you ride further and faster. After a long day at work an e-mountain bike will let you hit the trails and get a solid ride in before the sun goes down


Our e-bikes are designed to meet the needs of a wide array of riders. Cyberbikes come equipped with a 500 watt pedal assist motor with 85nm of torque and an optional throttle simple plug and play throttle. The motor multiplies the power you put into it and makes you feel incredibly strong!

Pay at Your Own Pace

Cyberike has teamed up with Affirm to offer financing on all of our products, buy now and pay as your go!

riding an e-Mountain Bike is a great why to motivate you to hit the trails, ride more often and longer than before. Cycling has always been know as a wonderful low impact way to exercise, we Cyberbike makes it that much more fun

Step Up Your Speed

never worry about being dropped on a ride again, Cyberbike's e-Mountain Bikes will help you power up hills, fly through flats, and conquer descents with more confidence than ever