Cyberbike is proud to announce a partnership with the new force in ebike-specific performance- - -wolf e-spec components. Wolf is a fresh face in the world of cycling components with a focus on building bicycle components specifically for e-bikes. all of their components are designed and constructed with e-bikes in mind. working in collaboration with wolf we have crafted a spectacular group for our e-bike. We are relentlessly testing and developing to prove our name, and our products. You'll see the difference in quality, performance, and value with Cyberbike and Wolf e-Spec.
Both the Mullet Pro and the Mullet Evo will ship with Wolf 4 piston hydraulic disk brakes. This modern braking tech uses staggered/differential pistons, increasing diameter and hydraulic volume, so their actuation provides progressive braking, for greater control. Additionally, Wolf e-spec brakes incorporate a removeable built-in motor cut-off that instantly de-activates the motor when the brakes are applied. This provides more control, more safety, and a smoother ride on the trail. 4 piston variable diameter progressive braking and motor cut-off, the 2 features work together to give the Cyberbike rider more control.
Everyone knows that an underperforming suspension system can drag down any build. This is why Cyberbike teamed up with Wolf e-spec components to develop specially tuned e-bike suspension. After countless hours of in-the-field testing, Wolf and Cyberbike together have constructed Forks and Shocks specifically with electric mountain biking in mind, and we are constantly testing and developing. New, for 2023, Wolf forks come with a 2nd generation Hypertek Gold coating to improve durability and performance. The Mullet Pro, Mullet Evo, and the Bandit all come with Wolf suspension systems offering Fully adjustable air chambers, adjustable preload, rebound damping, and compression damping. Yes, the also lockout for the toughest, longest climbs. Now, your suspension gives you the ability to fine-tune your ride, allowing you to optimize your set-up for your performance needs.
Yes! All Cyberbike models have an optional throttle that is very simple to install.
We take many steps to have a bike delivered as close to ready-to-ride as possible. As with any bike, shipping and normal use can make it possible for hardware to vibrate loose over time. With periodic checks and adjustments, including after assembly, you can keep your bike in great shape so it's ready for any ride! Please check out your bike's Owner's Manual to see hardware torque specifications to keep your bike safe and fun to ride. We also recommend getting an initial tune-up from a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic within the first 50-100 miles. A tune-up that covers the most common adjustments (like brakes, spokes, derailleur, and tires) is a great way to keep your bike in great shape and keep you riding Cyberbike!
At this time test rides are not available, however we plan to be in retail shops in the future so stay tuned!
We worked closely with a major supplier of Mitsubishi named Direct power to manufacture our motor so that they meet our high quality standards and the needs of our riders. We have customized the motor in order to maximize the power to weight ratio and ensure the optimal combination of power, weight, and range. All of our motors are torque-sensing, 500 watt brushless motors.
Yes! Every level of Cyberbike comes with a premium, trail tested derailleur allowing you to shift between gears while you ride. The Falcon and the Bandit come with 7 speeds and the Mullet Pro and the Mullet Evo come with 10 speeds.
Your Cyberbike’s battery can be charged on or off your e-bike with the supplied charger. All Cyberbike models come with a battery locked to the bike with a unique key to allow you to easily secure and remove your battery to charge at your convenience.
All bikes (including ebikes) require maintenance over time to keep the bike safe and fun to ride. Feel free to contact us at (855) 274-6564 for any maintenance advice. We have experienced mechanics available to help advise you.
SIZE RANGES Cyberbike Coco: Small/Medium with a 26" Standover Cyberbike Bandit: Medium with a 27" Standover Mullet Evo: Large with a 27.75" Standover Mullet Pro: XL with a 28.5" Standover
Yes! All Cyberbike models are designed to be trail ridden in inclement weather as long as the rider is comfortable riding, and the trails are safe to ride. **be sure your charging port is clean and dry before charging your Cyberbike, failure to do so can result in injury and or destruction of your Cyberbike**
Yes! We want your bike to match your personality and riding style, so you can personalize your bike as you see fit. Check out our Accessories page to see what’s available. These products cannot be preinstalled on a bike prior to shipment. They will be shipped in their own respective packages and should include installation instructions.
We want your bike to be as unique as you are! This means you can personalize or customize your bike as you see fit. Check out our Accessories page to find the perfect accessory for your bike. Please note, Cyberbike does not sell or swap bike components between models.
Cyberbike tests the compatibility and safety of products sold on our website and in-store, but we cannot guarantee products not made or sold by us. Installing and using aftermarket or third-party parts or accessories is at your own risk. Before replacing any of the components with aftermarket parts, we recommend you contact us so we can help give you some information on compatibility and how the changes may affect your warranty.
In an effort to make our bikes available to as many people as possible Cyberbike accepts Credit or Debit cards, Amazon Pay, Paypal, and G Pay. We also have teamed up with affirm to offer financing on all products sold by Cyberbike
Cyberbike is available by Phone at (855) 274-6564 or through our contact us page
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A detailed explanation of our return policy can be found on our warranty page Cyberbike offers the same warranty on all of our e-mountainbikes and is committed to standing behind our product. We have spent countless hours on the trails troubleshooting and refining our bikes and their components because of this we can confidently offer a 1 year parts warranty on all components, a 2-year parts warranty on the motor & battery, and a lifetime warranty on all Cyberbike frames
Cyberbike offers a variable class e-Mountainbike meaning they can be class 2 or a class 3 ebike. What's the Difference? Class 2: these e-bikes offer pedal assist and a throttle that maxes out at 20mph Cyber Bikes have an optional plug and play throttle, when you have your throttle installed your Cyberbike will be considered a class 2 ebike Class 1: These ebikes offer no throttle and have a max speed of 28mph When the throttle is not installed on your Cyberbike it will be considered a class 1 ebike **please check all local regulations to be sure your Cyberbike will be legal to take on your local trails **
If storing your bike from Cyberbike for longer than two weeks at a time, follow the recommendations below to maintain the health and longevity of your battery. Charge (or discharge) the battery to approximately 75% charged. Power off the battery either locked to the frame or unlocked and removed from the frame for storage. Store the battery in a dry, climate controlled, indoor location between 50° F–77° F (10° C–25° C). Check the battery monthly, and if necessary, use the charger from Cyberbike to charge the battery to 75% charged. Complete the battery balancing process in the previous section after a period of long-term storage and before the first ride. This process will help ensure the cells in the battery are balanced and operating as efficiently as possible.

Why Ride
An e-mountain bike


E-mountain bikes are similar to traditional mountain bikes, they're made to get out in nature, ride what you didn't think possible, cross creeks, take drops and shred through turns. Above all they are to help you ride further and faster. After a long day at work an e-mountain bike will let you hit the trails and get a solid ride in before the sun goes down.


E-mountain bikes are similar to traditional mountain bikes, they're made to get out in nature, ride what you didn't think possible, cross cheeks, take drops and shred through turns. Above all they are to help you ride further and faster. After a long day at work an e-mountain bike will let you hit the trails and get a solid ride in before the sun goes down


Our e-bikes are designed to meet the needs of a wide array of riders. Cyberbikes come equipped with a 500 watt pedal assist motor with 85nm of torque and an optional throttle simple plug and play throttle. The motor multiplies the power you put into it and makes you feel incredibly strong!

Pay at Your Own Pace

Cyberike has teamed up with Affirm to offer financing on all of our products, buy now and pay as your go!

riding an e-Mountain Bike is a great why to motivate you to hit the trails, ride more often and longer than before. Cycling has always been know as a wonderful low impact way to exercise, we Cyberbike makes it that much more fun

Step Up Your Speed

never worry about being dropped on a ride again, Cyberbike's e-Mountain Bikes will help you power up hills, fly through flats, and conquer descents with more confidence than ever